Andrew's Senior Memory Book

Friday, May 12, 2006

Chapter 1

Who am I?That is a good question, I guess I really never stop to think about it. Most people are defined by there family or there career. For example if I were to ask "who is George W.Bush?" most people would say that he is the president of the United States. If you asked about anyone they would usually explain who the person is by what they do or who there family is. So if you want to know that, well I am a Senior at Central Hardin High School, I am the son of Sid and Suzanne Verble and I am 18 years old. But if you were to ask about who I really am what I am like I would say that; I am a very diverse multicultural person. I enjoy going to have coffee with friends, and having, deep philisophical theoligical discussions, I do all kinds of things, i am into almost everything, an am a very spontaneous person. I enjoy playing hockeyI have played all of my life And i lived and played hockey in Canada Last year. I also like hiking, watching movies, goin out with friends, drinking coffee, rockclimbing, watersking, snowboarding, and I like to draw and paint a little. So That is me in a nutshell.

Chapter 2

My Family, my family is just like any other family I suppose, There's my Mom And my Dad, my Grandmother and Grandfather on my Mom's side of the family and my Dad's side of the family. there's my Uncle John and Aunt Kathy, and my cousin Kaylee. There 's my Uncle Daniel, My Uncle Kenny, And My Aunt Mary, and Uncle Michael and there boys Tanner and Parker. Most of my family is from Tennessee. I like most of my extended family, but i never really got a long with certian members of my direct family, so that is why I no longer live with them. I guess i Have a new family in a way I have my Mom my Brother, sister and nephew and neice. Even though they are not my blood I love them like they are, and they are family.

Chapter 3

Suddenly I became me, I guess after years of life of friends of triumphs and tragedys, i guess i have become me, and i know who i am , they say that adversity introduces a man to himself and i have faced adversity alot especially lately. And i am happy with who I am, sure i have my problems and there are lots of things i would love to change about myself I guess just like everyone else, but I cant change over night It will take me years to fix some of my problems, but i am happy with me, and reflecting on my life up till now and my child hood the friends the good times everything I must look at it and say it is good! I am glad to be where I am now I am going places I cant wait to see what this life holds for me!

chapter 4

My Early years of school were spent Here in Elizabethtown, I went to preschool at memorial methodist, and then I spent time at Lincoln Trail for Kindergarden and first grade, and then my Mom got a job at Etown schools and so I moved to go to morningside elementary where I spent the rest of elementary school. I loved it there all of my friends went there and i had a lot of fun i remember counting a million beans in second and third grade that was a lot of fun if you can imagine a million beans there were a lot there were gallons and gallons of beans it was cool to actually see a visual of what a million looks like it was pretty neat. elementary school was fun, i miss recess!! ha!

Chapter 5

Lets go to the movies , ive always liked going to the movies even when i was a kid one of my most favorite things in the world to do was go and see a movie. The first movie I ever saw in a movie theatre was Beauty and the Beast i remember it so well everything about the movies. Going to the movies is probably one of my greatest child hood memories. A few of my favorite movies are..The sea inside, The motorcycle diarys, The unsaid, vanilla sky, the godfather part 1, fallen, house of sand and fog, The pianst, The butterfly effect, braveheart, raging bull, donnie darko, Good will hunting, slap shot, dumb and dummer, city of god, and the shawshank redemption.

Chapter 6

I grew Up here, well i was born in Lexington Kentucky, and then I lived in St. Louis for a few years, then i moved to Elizabethtown and i basiclly grew up here. I lived on the north edge of town in a nice little neighbourhood called Woodsbend, I grew up with the neighbourhood kids and we all played together after school, tag football in the backyard whatever, me and the kids from the block always had a good time, I only have good memories of my growing up days. But its been a long time and i dont dwell on the past so most of my childhood is forgotten.

Chapter 8

My First Crush, was a girl named Gail. I don't remember her last name because I was in kindergarden when I met her, she rode the bus with me. She was beautiful, i had never met a girl like her, but i was young and I didn't realize there are billions of other girls just like her. Anyway there was this other guy Jason, and him and I both liked her but she ended up liking him better than me and so she would always sit with him on the bus in the afternoons, and I got jealous and angey but there was nothing I could do about it, so i eventually got over it. But I guess she was the first girl I ever had a crush on. And i havent seen her since that year in Kindergarden.

Chapter 7

Hide and Seek, Tag, Red Roaver, Red light Green light, Flashlight tag, are just a few of the games we played as kids, They were all outside games and they were my favorites, but then of course we played all kinds of board games. Monopoly, clue, checkers, chess, battleship, and all kinds of games but i think my favorite board game growing up was checkers, especially when i would play at cracker barrel. I also had a few favorite video games growing up. I loved duck hunt, super mario brothers, sonic the hedge hog, and mega man. but out of all of these child hood games my favorites were the ones we would play outside. They were the most fun.

Chapter 9

If i could see anyone again i would want to see my friend Even Stephens he is somewhere in michigan or canada now but we played together as kids many times. We went to europe together And played on the same hockey team many times.he was always a little better than me he is playing in the OHL now. I am happy for him, but i miss the old days when we played together in St. Louis, Colorado And all over Europe. He was fasted and more accurate than me but i had better balance and hand eye cordination. We played the same position so we competed against each other all the time, i might see him again some day, i don't know.

Chapter 10

Middle School I don't remember it to well. I went to T.K. Stone and didnt have to much trouble school was easy then, Jounior high i just remember being as a time for firsts'. I smoked my first cigarette drank my first beer and all kinds of other firsts i will not mention in here. I got my fist detention my first saturday school, all kinds of crap. I dont remember much else about it. My favorite class was like a tech class I had in seventh grade I had Mr. Thomas and he was one ofthe funniest teachers I have ever had! I loved going to his class everday! I miss being a kid.

Chapter 11

I think I'm in love. I've never really been in love, but my i remember my earliest infatuation was when i was about seven or eight, and it wasn't just one girl it was two. Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen, I was crazy about them when i was a kid, i would've done any thing to meet them i can remember watching Full House every day after school for years. I was crushed when One day i realized that I live in Kentucky, and they are movie stars, but what's worse is the fact that I live in Kentucky. Anyways it crushed my ten year old world. I guess i got over that fast then i started to like older women like Demi Moore, and Julia Roberts. But I guess I never really fell into reality.

Chapter 12

Let's take a vacation. I love to go on vacations usually i like to go somewhere where it is warm like florida or South carolina or Alabama. But I think the best vacation I've ever been on was not someplace warm. It was Alaska, we went there last summer. It was a week long cruise from Seattle Washington to Alaska, and back. It was a blast there was so much to do on the ship and there was always food avalible. Dinner was great All you can eat fine dining, one night They served lobster I ate six lobster tails, it was great. Also on the ship they had everything from shows to shopping, and movies, pools, spas, and anything you could ever want. But that was just on the ship. When we got to alaska it was spectacular! It was truely amazing to see all the mountains and the true wilderness. We got to see glaciers go glacier climbing, and dog sleding.Then at the end of the week we stopped in victoria british columbia, and we went to see the world famous Bucchart Gardens. It was the most fun i have ever had on a vacation, and it's one I will never forget.

Chapter 13

My early years in high school were spent at Elizabethtown High school, I never had any problem transitioning from Junior high to High School because all of my friends were older than me so I new half the seniors my freshman year. I was well liked my freshman year by everyone, but the down fall of knowing a bunch of seniors was that i was exposed to a lot of stuff that i shouldnt have and I drank and expirimented with drugs my first couple years of High school. Then I left E-town High, but not just E-town High i Left E-town altogether i left The States altogether And i moved to Calgary Canada, I got an offer to play Hockey there so I went. I loved it up there it was great I loved the people and the weather and i loved playing hockey. I lived in a dorm with 38 other guys on my floor we had a great time we were like family. My roommate was from Hong Kong. His name was Sincere, He's a great piano player. And on of my other really good friends was Dan Renton. he was my r.a. for our part of the floor we all chilled together went we wern't in school or practicing. Here are a few pictures of us out in the snow one day.